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What is the electron-domain (charge-cloud) geometry of cli5?

Question Details: What is the molecular geometry of ClF5? Ignoring lone-pair effects, what is the smallest bond angle in ClF5?

My Question is :  What is the electron-domain (charge-cloud) geometry of cli5?

Answer 1:

ClF5 has 42 electrons to account for. 10 of them are in bonding pairs of electrons. 30 more are in lone pairs on F atoms. That accounts for 40 electrons. Two electrons are left on Cl as a lone pair. Since there are six electron pairs on the central atom, then VSEPR theory tells us that the electron pair geometry is octahedral and with 5 bonding pairs and 1 lone pair, the molecular geometry is square pyramidal. The bond angles will be slightly less than 90 degrees because of the additional repulsion from the delocalized lone pair.

======= Follow up ========

Old science guy has misplaced two electrons, giving him the wrong electron pair geometry.

Answer 2:

the geometry should be Trigonal bipyramidal

some of the bond angles are 120 and some are 90

so go with 90 deg as the smallest

Answer 3:

it’s Octahedral. If u draw the lewis structure of ClF5, you will end up counting 5 bondings and 1 non-bondings. Total are 6.

Molecule is Poalr and has polar bonds.

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