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বইয়ের নামঃ মেমসাহেব pdf download By Nimai Bhattacharya and review:

When the heartbreaking cry of an autobiography of a broken heart becomes inactive, no Maya of the world can touch his heart. The author has been able to express in his touching manner that the longing for not having a loved one is the best longing in the world.
Outward beauty in the world may decorate a lot, but the beauty of a man’s mind and the beauty of the bond of soul can be deeper than the outward beauty, the stories taken from the author’s sense of life. Its clear window.
Men and women, many come to a part of everyone’s life, suddenly lost again. Again, all of a sudden, there is a person whose beauty does not become the main thing. But how do I know that in the mind, an invisible strange attraction in the soul suddenly rises. It seems that the two souls sing in the same tune, from mind to mind, it seems that their identity is from age to age. Coming to earth and surviving are for each other. Love begins then romance. Rhythm to the rhythm of the two lives move forward, closer, walking side by side, all of a sudden the two of them remember the struggle of the family, just to give love. It starts with one’s hard work and one’s inspiration. With that self-sacrifice. Life is full of all together. After reading the novel, I never thought that ‘Nimai Bhattacharya’ was not a mold made by Memsaheb himself. This novel is his best example of how a woman can make a man a hero from scratch just by making her her own.

You can read, those who know how to love and passion neglect Hela. He continued to call love a relationship. Seek love in love, seek love, selfishness will come. It will be beautiful. Every relationship on earth is perfect.

“যারা কাছে আছে তারা কাছে থাক,
তারা তো পারে না জানিতে,
তাহাদের চেয়ে তুমি কাছে আছ
আমার হৃদয় খানিতে।”

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