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How to Wake Someone Up on Facetime

Question: how do i get someone to wake up when they fell asleep on the phone?

Answer 1: There are a few different methods for how to wake someone up on facetime. The easiest route is to press the power button and let your iPad do the work.

The next frustrating option is always going with the old “breathe life into them”. This can be done by quick slaps in order to get blood circulating, or by shaking their shoulders gently one or two times with a final shake after eye opening contact has been made. But be forewarned, this method does require some coordination between you and whomever you’re trying to wake up- it also might involve a little light laughter if they respond well enough!

How to Wake Someone Up on Facetime

Answer 2: First, try yelling. Also pushing loud buttons may help as well. If that doesn’t work and you’ve honestly given your best effort – hang up. If they have a cell phone, or any other known phone nearby, try calling that. Other than that, there doesn’t seem to be much else you can do if none of those bring any responses.

Answer 3:  Try yelling loud, maybe pushing some of the buttons on the phone will make him hear them (could be heard on his phone).

Or you could hang up, and then he’ll hear the dialtone hopefully. You could call back… but then again he probably wouldn’t have turned the phone off, so it’ll just be a busy signal.

how to wake someone up on the phone

Answer 4: scream: WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!! or Use a whistle or and air horn.  Be more interesting, you’re probably boring him to sleep.

If you have a touch tone phone hold down any button it makes a very loud annoying sound to the person on the receiving end.. HANG UP AND CALL BACK THE RING WILL WAKE HIM.

how to wake someone up through the phone is silent

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