How to Refriend someone on Facebook without them knowing

how to refriend someone on facebook without them knowing

Question Details:  So yeah this guy that likes me would not leave me alone on FB, he was seriously bugging me and it got to a point where I was afraid to log on so I unfriended him! 🙁 But now I feel so bad I let my temper get the better of me!! Is there a way to refriend him before he notices and without sending a request to him?

Oh and if you could post adivce on how to deal with the situation it will be awesome! xD

My Question is : How to Refriend someone on Facebook without them knowing? Can you refriend someone after you unfriended them without them knowing?

Answer 1:

The only way to do it is to send another friend request.

You *could* say that you were setting up some friend lists and thought you were removing him from a friend list but accidentally deleted him as a friend instead.

Or you could be honest and say that you didn’t like how he was contacting you, but after a bit of breathing space would like to give it a second try. If you do re-add him, you could add him to a friend list which you can then switch to offline in your chat window, while still being online to other people.

Answer 2:

That’s impossible. When “refriend”ing someone, you send the friend request to that person again, and he/she must deal with it!

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