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How to Get rid of Kylie Jenner Lips?

Question: hey everybody. I’m a guy and I was snapchatting my gf and she dared me to do the Kylie Jenner lip challenge. Now I knew it was bad but a few websites said that a Pringles can will make your lips puff up without bruises or anything and no permanent damage. So I grabbed a Pringles can and sucked. Well my face looked hilarious but it’s like not going away. What should I do to make my lips go back to normal? And I don’t want any bs saying that its irreversible. I just want some advice. I can’t go to school tomorrow looking like this. Thanks

Answer 1:

Use a cold, wet tissue or toilet paper or something and put it on your lips and apply firm pressure evenly over your lips for 10-20 minutes. After that, use cover up or foundation or concealer to cover up any red marks. For absolute fails, use plenty of cover up and follow the above rules but add ice inside the tissue. Use germoline on the red areas before you follow these steps for best results. After cover up has been applied, use lip balm to sooth your lips and most of the swelling will have gone down by the time you wake up. I just used this method and it worked perfectly (and I have extremely fair skin!!!)…….. And never do this challenge again!!

Answer 2:The science behind Kylie Jenner lip challenge is horrifying.

Once you’ve made the unwise decision to load that shot glass onto your lips and suck, you’re inducing negative pressure from the suctioning. This causes “vessel engorgement,” meaning your blood vessels fill with blood, setting off an inflammatory cascade of chemicals (think histamine and leukotrienes.) These chemicals then flood your soft tissue, and voila! You’re swollen. If you suck hard enough, you’ll break the fragile blood vessels around that area, and that’s what results in bruising. If you’re fair skinned, you’re even more sensitive.

Answer 3:Hi. ok, first of all it was not a good idea to do that near a school week.

There really is not much you can do, but dont worry, over time it will go down and back to normal. This may take a few days to a week. If nothing has changed in a week you may have and a reaction, so see a doctor (but this is VERY unlikely). I suggests you suck in your lips for school tomorrow – or fake sick… But you should see a change in your lips by morning. Best of luck

Answer 4:
KYLE JENNER LIPS CHALLENGE!Really?Okay first apply cold water to your lips maybe splash some cold water or use ice because doing this challenge swollen your lips because your blood vessels are being pressured I also suggest do not eat anything hot while your lips are still swollen like no hot pizza no hot burrito nothing hot!
Answer 5:
First of all, if your going to do this either do it right or don t do it at all. Better to not do it but if you re stupid like me then you did it. I am fair-skinned and had a ring around my mouth for at least a week. I covered it up with make up but after a week it went away. Also as for your puffy pouty lips try ice or just wait for a couple days. Best just to wait it out.
Answer 6:
Put ice on it!!! The swelling will go down. Treat it like a swollen injury. It worked for me. Take an ice cube and continuously rub it around your lips until the swelling has gone!
Answer 7:
This is what I did! I did the challenge! And had brushing under my lips! So I got a cotton swab and some alcohol! And stuck the cotton swab in the alcohol and put it on the brusining! Don’t rub it off it might burn but don’t rub it off! After doing that repeatedly when the alcohol dried it started to heal

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