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Guide: How to change opacity in sony vegas

Question Details: I have 3 different videos and I want to make them all transparent so 3 of them is visible, like in photoshop where you change the opacity of a layer to be able to view layers below that. How can I do this? I have Sony Vegas Studio 9.0 Platinum. Thanks in advance! 😉

My Question is : How can I change the opacity of some videos on Sony Vegas Studio to be able to fade different videos together?

Answer 1: 

I have Sony Vegas Pro 8 and I think that it would work out the same way so, have your 3 separate video clips all in the time line, all below each other (or above). Then if you hover over a clip at the top you should get a little hand and a arrow pointing up and down, if you drag that down it makes the clip transparent, if you then do this with all of them, you should be able to view all of them at once.

Hope this helps 😀 ~Tom

Answer 2:

On the top of the clip (audio or video) there should be a small line, when you hover over the top you the cursor should change and you can move the line down to reduce the opacity. The farther down the less opacity, it works similarly to that of audio that reduces the volume.

By placing this clip (reduced opacity) over-top of a full opacity clip you can see right through it (how much depending on the placement of that line)

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