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ফ্রন্টলাইন Pdf Download – Frontline bangla pdf downlpad

ফ্রন্টলাইন Pdf Download link – Frontline bangla pdf downlpad

বইয়ের নামঃ ফ্রন্টলাইন
লেখকঃ লতিফুল ইসলাম শিবলী
প্রকাশকঃ নালন্দা
প্রচ্ছদঃ ওয়াহিদ তুষার
মলাট মূল্যঃ ৩০০

He had to throw his mother’s body into the Andaman Sea with his own hands. All her worldly fears and aspirations were drowned in the blue water with her mother wrapped in a black burqa and shrouded.
What people lose is more than what they get back. Unbeknownst to everyone, destiny picked him up to lead his nation.
That leadership led him to an impeccably beautiful frontline.
Story summary:
The story begins in the Bay of Bengal. Departing from Baharchhara Jahajpur Ghat in Teknaf in the dark of night with 300 passengers on their way to Malaysia, the trawler was able to cross the waters of Bangladesh along the coast parallel to St. Martin and Chhera Island.
Fifty-two-year-old Harun Gazi was sitting on the roof of the trawler with fever and shortness of breath. On the second night, within an hour of starting breathing in the deep sea, the man died in front of everyone’s eyes.
People are dying one by one due to lack of medicine and treatment. This is how the mother of Nasiruddin, the hero of our story, died.
The trawler circled the sea for three and a half months. The news is being spread in the world media with seriousness – “Trawler carrying Rohingya infected with corona virus is floating in the sea.”
At one time, they were housed in 32 Rohingya camps spread over an area of ​​about 50 km in Ukhia and Teknaf. And since the beginning of this story.
Nasiruddin, who has no fear of losing anything and no hope of gaining anything, became the undisputed leader of the Rohingyas. How?
Lesson Response:
The Rohingya issue is a sensitive issue. Adequate political, socio-economic knowledge and courage are required to write about this subject. He is able to choose such a subject because the author has it.
The book has become unique due to its novelty in subject selection and Latiful Islam Shibli’s innate storytelling skills. A must read for the conscious reader.
Latiful Islam Shibli has been able to successfully maintain his continuity with his skill in portraying characters, realizing the story, writing dialogues, choosing the right words, and creating climaxes.
This book is a must-have for any reader who likes to read, is politically aware, and simply wants to understand the Rohingya issue.

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